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Ch05: The Mystery of the Relic Stone

2024-03-27 - Ranger Union HQ - Completed

A small group of the Wayfarers travel to the Ranger HQ to see Sybil's progress researching the Relic Stone and its curative properties. Archie Koa and Mhynt are able to be cured of their shadow infection inflicted by Alex, while Steven has an unusual reaction. The Wayfarers attempt to heal Lycanroc Leona's shadows and make some progress, but she will need time to fully heal...

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Mhynt, Wes, Koa, Steven, Archie

Tags: plot, Leona, Alexander shadows, Sybil, legg, Relic Stone

Word count: 8.3k

Ch05: Escorting Enemies

2024-03-20 - Dusty Highway - Completed

Deciding that the Ranger HQ is the best place to keep the newly-arrested Cipher Admins, the Rangers and a small group of Wayfarers begin a long escort. Unfortunately, Alexander attacks on the way, opening his offensive by seemingly killing Ein before anyone had the chance to react. The group was able to repel Alexander before any more victims could be claimed resulting in the escort of four and a quarter prisoners instead of five.

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Logged by: Inke

Characters: Dave, Mhynt, Bellatrix, Wes, Odette, Koa, Isidora

Tags: Plot, Leona, Rangers, Seth, Cipher Admins, Alexander, Shadows

Word count: 12.8k

Ch04: Finale ~ The Finest Subjects

2024-03-06 - Terminal Two Holding Cells - Completed

The rescue party follows Mav into the holding cells, where many pokémon in various states of Shadow corruption are held captive. Two missing Blaguarro citizens are here as well, but are acting as guards for Cipher. Further in, amongst prisoners who are even deeper into the Shadow testing process, the group finds a "Subject 341" in special containment: a fully-shadowed midday lycanroc named Leona Lycas.

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Kimiko, Aige, Leaf, Ridley, Andre, Silver, Grace, Steven

Tags: Leona, Reno, One-Eyed Joe, Plot, Tala, Anite, Sonora, Finale, Mav, Shadows, Cipher

Word count: 20.6k