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Ch06: Midnight Watch

2024-07-19 - Ranger Union HQ

Someone has been sneaking around Ranger HQ at night, and Ayda requests some extra help in identifying and possibly apprehending the intruder(s).

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Jade, Laura, Leaf, Koa, Archie, Isidora

Tags: Plot, Sinopa, Rangers

Word count: 5.6k+

Ch05: A Shady Business [Koa & Silver]

2024-05-19 - Old Town - Completed

Koa runs into Silver in the aftermath of their confrontation with Giovanni, and Silver's reveal of his heritage and ties to the Mewtwo. The two discuss the power of friendship, the nature of power, and their own goals and desires, and discover they have far more in common than they realize.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Koa, Silver

Tags: social, friendship, affinity

Word count: 4.9k

Ch05: Finale Pt1 ~ Dance with the Dust Devil

2024-05-03 - Clan Battlegrounds - Completed

The Wayfarers meet Zapdos, the Roaming Cyclone, at the Escarpa battlegrounds after his challenge at the orchards. Time to figure out what this guy's problem is.

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Ghaspius, Aige, Leaf, Koa, Astrid, Steven

Tags: Finale, Plot, Combat, Roaming Cyclone, Saints, Zapdos

Word count: 11.6k

Ch05: Koa and Isidora ~ A Slight Disagreement

2024-04-30 - Cliffside Café - Completed

Isidora and Koa happen to bump into each other at the café. They have a talk that goes well at first, but Isidora's distrust of humans hangs an odd tension over the conversation, and soon she gives Koa no choice but to confront her.

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Logged by: JFought

Characters: Koa, Isidora

Tags: Social

Word count: 4.2k

Ch05: Friendship, Shadows, and Respect

2024-04-21 - Mewtwo's Lair - Completed

Mewtwo has revealed that he is none other than Giovanni (gasp, distant spooky thunderclap, etc.), and the Wayfarers want some answers about why he's really here.

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Jade, Leaf, Nova, Koa, Silver

Tags: Plot, Mew, Mewtwo, Overseers, Voice, Betel

Word count: 9.4k

Ch05: Past & Future Selves [Koa & Archie]

2024-04-20 - Nina's Place - Completed

Archie and Koa have a talk over a meal, contemplating the nature of evolutions and their pasts and futures.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Koa, Archie

Tags: social, Bluex2

Word count: 6.0k

Ch05: Catching up on Saints and Relics

2024-04-20 - Civic Courtyard - Completed

Ralsen chats with the Wayfarers about their findings regarding the Saints, Divine Dungeons, and the ancient god of victory who fixed the sun.

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Logged by: Chibi

Characters: Laura, Koa, Steven

Tags: Social, Worldbuilding, Lore, Speculation, Ralsen

Word count: 3.5k

Ch05: Dust devil

2024-04-20 - Greenbough Empirical Orchards - Completed

Unseasonable windstorms have been damaging local fields. Ranger Xoco asks some Wayfarers to help her repair the damage, but the winds pick up again while they're working. The cause, a Saint known as the Roaming Cyclone, seems to have a bone to pick with the offworlders.

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Dave, Koa, Steven

Tags: Xoco, Plot, Roaming Cyclone

Word count: 5.1k

Ch05: Battle ~ Wayfarers Versus Alexander's Thrall

2024-04-13 - Frontier Town Outskirts - Completed

The shadowy inhabitants of the Quarry tailed the Wayfarers back toward Frontier Town! Archie, Koa, and Nova rush in to help the group fend the shadows off and keep them away from the town. Can the team drive the shadow swarm off?

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Logged by: Ambyssin

Characters: Mhynt, Bellatrix, Nova, Odette, Koa, Astrid, Grace, Archie

Tags: Owen, Plot, Drapion, combat, Ignatius, void shadows

Word count: 12.7k

Ch05: Midnight Jaw [Koa & Odette]

2024-04-05 - Sun Stone Saloon - Completed

Still reeling following the events of the prisoner escort and unable to sleep, Koa finds himself having a late night talk with Odette. Not because he's lonely or worried though, totally not. They're both fine.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Odette, Koa

Tags: social, Bark & Bite

Word count: 5.1k