Heartache RPG


Heartache features six basic character classes that allow characters to more flexibly specialize their combat roles. Classes modify base stats to be better suited to their role, add additional move and ability options, and have unique skills known as Feats that help their battle style. Each class then has two specialized subclasses, unlocking even more useful feats and versatile class moves and abilities.


An all-rounder with sharp eyes and swift feet, reliable in any situation.

Stat distribution: Perfectly generalist stats.

Class moves: Agility, Foresight, Odor Sleuth, Quick Attack, U-Turn

Class abilities: Run Away, Technician

Spotter Feat: Once per turn when targeting an enemy, the user may gain Sure Hit. At the end of the turn, they learn 1 Combat Intel about the target.

Subclass: Scout

A mobile, offensive all-rounder. Able to move quickly and probe for weaknesses.

Class moves: Fake Out, Parting Shot, Tidy Up, Work Up

Class abilities: Speed Boost

Scout Feat: The user has a base Mobility of +1 and does not trigger entry hazards or similar traps.

Subclass: Sentry

A tough, resilient all-rounder. Able to control the battlefield and halt enemy advances.

Class moves: Mean Look, Pursuit, Roar, Spikes, Whirlwind

Class abilities: Stakeout

Sentry Feat: The Mobility Cost is +1 for enemies to both enter and exit the user's zone, and enemies cannot deploy hazards there.


A melee fighter, best at physical attacks and close-up combat.

Stat distribution: Excellent Attack, decent Stamina.

Class moves: Bulk Up, Focus Energy, Fury Swipes, Quick Attack, Slash

Class abilities: Defiant, Iron Fist, Strong Jaw, Tough Claws

Brawler Feat: The user gains an additional +1 tempo when they make a physical attack.

Subclass: Champion

A peerless striker, singularly focused on dishing out physical blows.

Class moves: Close Combat, Laser Focus, Storm Throw, Swords Dance

Class abilities: Sheer Force

Champion Feat: After dashing, until the end of their turn, the user's Critical Hits have Sure Hit and remove enemies from cover.

Subclass: Paladin

A tough, versatile warrior, able to adapt to the needs of their team in battle.

Class moves: Dire Claw, Facade, Secret Power, Take Heart

Class abilities: Guts, Stalwart

Paladin Feat: Whenever the user triggers a secondary effect on a physical attack, they gain +2 tempo.


A ranged fighter, best at special attacks at a distance.

Stat distribution: Excellent Magic, decent Stamina.

Class moves: Calm Mind, Echoed Voice, Focus Energy, Round, Swift

Class abilities: Competitive, Keen Eye

Caster Feat: The user gains an additional +1 tempo when they make a special attack.

Subclass: Sharpshooter

A dangerous ranged fighter, landing special attacks with devastating precision.

Class moves: Aura Sphere, Mind Reader, Nasty Plot, Psyshock

Class abilities: Sniper

Sharpshooter Feat: During turns where the user does not dash, they ignore accuracy penalties from range, and can land Critical Hits at range.

Subclass: Mage

A resourceful wielder of arcane powers, adept at both special attacks and battle control.

Class moves: Mystical Fire, Nature Power, Teleport, Tri Attack

Class abilities: Magician, Telepathy

Mage Feat: When the user would trigger a secondary effect on a special attack, they pay 2 tempo less.


Sturdy enough to take a lot of punishment on behalf of the team.

Stat distribution: Excellent bulk, no offense, low Stamina.

Class moves: Body Press, Cosmic Power, Follow Me, Quick Guard, Wide Guard

Class abilities: Battle Armor, Filter

Defender Feat: The user pays 25% less stamina for their first self-targeting or ally field move each turn.

Subclass: Warden

A living fortress who can both hold the line and retaliate when struck.

Class moves: Bide, Light Screen, Metal Burst, Reflect

Class abilities: Intimidate

Warden Feat: Each turn that the user casts a field move, until their next turn, they cannot be displaced, cannot have their defenses lowered, and gain more aggro.

Subclass: Guardian

Protects allies from enemy attacks, improving the team's overall defense.

Class moves: Ally Switch, Amnesia, Iron Defense, Recover

Class abilities: Friend Guard

Guardian Feat: Each turn, the user may pay 8 tempo to guard an ally. The first single-target attack aimed at the ally will instead strike the user, ignoring Evasion.


Rather than fighting directly, provides assistance to their allies.

Stat distribution: Decent bulk, excellent Stamina.

Class moves: Helping Hand, Life Dew, Lucky Chant, Safeguard, Sweet Scent

Class abilities: Power Spot

Support Feat: For one ally-targeting status move per turn, the user may either choose a second target or a target at range for 8 tempo.

Subclass: Healer

A dedicated combat medic, focused on keeping their allies alive, healthy, and in the fight.

Class moves: Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Heal Pulse, Revival Blessing

Class abilities: Healer, Triage

Healer Feat: The user's self-targeting recovery moves may instead target allies, and their recovery moves ignore Heal Block and Taunt

Subclass: Alchemist

Able to enhance their teammates' strength beyond normal performance.

Class moves: Acupressure, Aromatic Mist, Coaching, Tailwind

Class abilities: Moody, Power of Alchemy

Alchemist Feat: Whenever the user confers a beneficial status on an ally or the squad, the boon timer lasts 1 turn longer.


Interferes with the enemy to ruin their combat performance or make them more vulnerable.

Stat distribution: Modest offense, great Stamina.

Class moves: Embargo, Scary Face, Smokescreen, Taunt, Toxic

Class abilities: Infiltrator, Pickpocket

Rogue Feat: For one enemy-targeting status move per turn, the user may either choose a second target or a target at range for 8 tempo.

Subclass: Saboteur

Able to harass the enemy and turn the tide of a fight with confounding tactics.

Class moves: Fake Tears, Screech, Tearful Look, Toxic Spikes

Class abilities: Prankster

Saboteur Feat: The user's status moves ignore mundane protections such as Safeguard, and their moves' hex timers last 1 turn longer.

Subclass: Assassin

A specialist at exploiting foes' weaknesses and eliminating exposed targets.

Class moves: Hex, Hone Claws, Nature Power, Secret Power

Class abilities: Merciless

Assassin Feat: When the user inflicts a hex timer on an enemy, for the rest of the turn, their Critical Hits against that enemy cost 5 less tempo and have no minimum cost.