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Ch05: Nova & Sybil ~ Saint it Ain't So

2024-04-21 - Ranger Union HQ - Completed

A day after fending off the Void Shadows of Twilight Quarry, Nova pays Ranger Sybil a visit to learn more about the Saints. He also proposes a couple ideas to the wyrdeer that leaves her thinking...

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Logged by: Inke

Characters: Nova

Tags: Social, Sybil, Side Quest, Relic Stone, social, NPC

Word count: 3.9k

Ch05: The Mystery of the Relic Stone

2024-03-27 - Ranger Union HQ - Completed

A small group of the Wayfarers travel to the Ranger HQ to see Sybil's progress researching the Relic Stone and its curative properties. Archie Koa and Mhynt are able to be cured of their shadow infection inflicted by Alex, while Steven has an unusual reaction. The Wayfarers attempt to heal Lycanroc Leona's shadows and make some progress, but she will need time to fully heal...

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Mhynt, Wes, Koa, Steven, Archie

Tags: plot, Leona, Alexander shadows, Sybil, legg, Relic Stone

Word count: 8.3k

Ch04: A Trek Through Time

2024-02-19 - Timeless Oasis - Completed

The hour is right for the Timeless Oasis Divine Dungeon to reveal itself. Researcher Sybil leads a group of Wayfarers to the point where it will appear, and where—if they're lucky—the Saint known as the Purifying Spirit awaits. Unfortunately, the group seems to have been tailed by a trio of Cipher agents who want to claim the Saint's relic for themselves, fronted by the fantastic, famous, fashionable and fabulously fleet-footed Miror B. himself.

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Leaf, Kimiko, Steven, Ridley, Archie, Wes, Mhynt, Koa, Nova

Tags: Sybil, Celebi, Mystery Dungeon, Sidequest, Miror B., Murkrow, Reath, Cipher, Ferma

Word count: 29.2k

Ch04: Unity and Disparity

2024-02-12 - Ranger Union HQ - Completed

The Wayfarers make good time to Ranger HQ, a canyon full of pueblos that seem to shift and move on their own (not that it bothers the seasoned Rangers any). Nico introduces them to one of his superiors, Braviary Cascada Escarpa, and a researcher looking to delve into Divine Dungeons, Wyrdeer Sybil.

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Kimiko, Leaf, Koa, Isidora

Tags: Sybil, Nico, Plot, Rangers, Ranger Union, Cascada

Word count: 4.5k