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Ch05: A Shady Business [Koa & Silver]

2024-05-19 - Old Town - Completed

Koa runs into Silver in the aftermath of their confrontation with Giovanni, and Silver's reveal of his heritage and ties to the Mewtwo. The two discuss the power of friendship, the nature of power, and their own goals and desires, and discover they have far more in common than they realize.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Koa, Silver

Tags: social, friendship, affinity

Word count: 4.9k

Ch05: Nova & Sybil ~ Saint it Ain't So

2024-04-21 - Ranger Union HQ - Completed

A day after fending off the Void Shadows of Twilight Quarry, Nova pays Ranger Sybil a visit to learn more about the Saints. He also proposes a couple ideas to the wyrdeer that leaves her thinking...

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Logged by: Inke

Characters: Nova

Tags: Social, Sybil, Side Quest, Relic Stone, social, NPC

Word count: 3.9k

Ch05: Past & Future Selves [Koa & Archie]

2024-04-20 - Nina's Place - Completed

Archie and Koa have a talk over a meal, contemplating the nature of evolutions and their pasts and futures.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Koa, Archie

Tags: social, Bluex2

Word count: 6.0k

Ch05: Midnight Jaw [Koa & Odette]

2024-04-05 - Sun Stone Saloon - Completed

Still reeling following the events of the prisoner escort and unable to sleep, Koa finds himself having a late night talk with Odette. Not because he's lonely or worried though, totally not. They're both fine.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Odette, Koa

Tags: social, Bark & Bite

Word count: 5.1k

Ch05: An apology, long overdue

2024-04-01 - Ranger Union HQ

Steven approaches Koa for a long overdue apology as he sees it, after the events of the previous chapters training match gone awry. They have a heart to heart and Steven reflects on his strange reaction to the Relic Stone previously.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Koa, Steven

Tags: BlueSteel, social

Word count: 4.3k+

Ch05: Mint-al Health Check {Koa & Mhynt}

2024-03-27 - Traveller's Haus - Dining Hall - Completed

Following some odd behaviour from Mhynt after the teams escort mission with the Cipher prisoners, Koa waits for her at the dining hall. The two take some time to talk, and Koa encourages her to follow her own advice.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Mhynt, Koa

Tags: social, Khynt

Word count: 2.1k

Ch04: Odette & Ghaspius - Squad Ghouls

2024-02-28 - Drungfield's Remedies - Completed

Ghaspius and Odette talk about their jobs, a bit about their respective worlds, and a whole lot about their romantic endeavors and poor taste in men.

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Logged by: Minty

Characters: Ghaspius, Odette

Tags: social

Word count: 6.1k

Ch04: Hooks and Shadows (Koa & Archie)

2024-02-26 - Pueblo Quarters - Completed

Koa asks Archie to come out to Ranger HQ so they can discuss what he learned from Mhynt. The conversation takes a turn when Archie brings up Wes, and the two share some personal stories and reflect on how to control their shadows.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Koa, Archie

Tags: affinity gain, social, Bluex2

Word count: 6.6k

Ch04: Into the Tall Grass (Koa & Laura)

2024-02-24 - Frontier Town Outskirts - Completed

Koa invites Laura on a little wilderness excursion to try and meet some feral pokemon, but end up running into a couple of super tough and cool and powerful Escarpa warriors! No, don't worry about their size or age, they're legit, they swear.

The pair get into a sparring match with the two Shinx, and enjoy a light recreational fight.

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Laura, Koa

Tags: social

Word count: 4.0k

Ch04: Sinopa's Heart

2024-02-24 - Hideout Heart - Completed

A few of the Wayfarers attempt to foster a connection between Sinopa and Betel

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Logged by: Tetra

Characters: Kimiko, Leaf, Koa, Isidora

Tags: rangers, social, sinopa

Word count: 2.0k