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Ch05: Dust devil

2024-04-20 - Greenbough Empirical Orchards - Completed

Unseasonable windstorms have been damaging local fields. Ranger Xoco asks some Wayfarers to help her repair the damage, but the winds pick up again while they're working. The cause, a Saint known as the Roaming Cyclone, seems to have a bone to pick with the offworlders.

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Logged by: Phoenixsong

Characters: Dave, Koa, Steven

Tags: Xoco, Plot, Roaming Cyclone

Word count: 5.1k

Ch05: Bitter Fate, Sweet Fruit (Nova & Ghaspius)

2024-03-27 - Greenbough Empirical Orchards - Completed

Ghaspius asks Nova a bit about his backstory, and they briefly touch on fate vs freedom.

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Logged by: Minty

Characters: Ghaspius, Nova

Tags: Social

Word count: 2.1k

Ch03: In the Company of Trees (Archie and Steven)

2023-12-23 - Greenbough Empirical Orchards - Completed

In which Archie speedruns all of Steven's triggers. It's an any% world record, and the reward is anxiety!

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Logged by: Rex

Characters: Steven, Archie

Tags: None

Word count: 5.2k

Ch02: Ghaspius & Steven Nerd Out

2023-10-11 - Greenbough Empirical Orchards - Completed

Ghaspius stumbles across Steven while relaxing in the orchard. The pair get to know each other while discussing all sorts of subjects related to oddities in Forlas and their own worlds.

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Logged by: Pano

Characters: Steven, Wes, Ghaspius

Tags: Social

Word count: 3.9k

Ch01: Dave and Greenbough Discuss Genetics

2023-09-24 - Greenbough Empirical Orchards - Completed

Dave approaches Professor Greenbough at the Greenbough Empirical Orchards in the hope of getting a job as a researcher.

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Logged by: Dragonfree

Characters: Dave

Tags: Prof. Greenbough

Word count: 2.2k