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Basic info

Gladion Gladion Mohn

Age: 18 - Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Silvally - Original species: Human

Participation level: Primary unit - Class: Sentry

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Character profile


Metal nerd


Identical (trans) twin sibling to Lillie. Ran away at age 14 with some assistance from Wicke to set up his own life. During his escape, he decided to slip into the depth of Aether Paradise and steal the last Type: Null, whose archival date was looming. Despite how ostensibly dangerous they were, he couldn't help empathize with their plight in being sealed away for lashing out and failing to meet expectations, as well as both being parts of his father's legacy.

With enough money to keep going for a few years, he was sent in Nanu's direction, who in turn introduced him to Plumeria on account of her having experience with estranged queer Skulls before. He and the Null, who he named Hazel, got to settle in. Which is about where I left off at the end of the first chapter.

The rest of the plot happens after he and Lillie turn 18 and she can legally leave. This is the point I'm taking him from for Heartache. His initial funds are running thin, so a couple years ago he took up work 'freelancing' for Plumeria to deal with island challengers who've started to cause problems for Skull kids to help stretch it out a bit longer. He and Lillie still haven't spoken in four years, but circumstances as they are it seems that can change soon... He's not sure how he feels about it.

Token art by RJr! Thank you!

RP guidelines

-Generally standoffish and a bit rude towards people he doesn't know or hasn't formed an opinion on yet. Doesn't mean he dislikes someone and he'll warm up if they don't piss him off.

-People who know a Gladion from will, through no real fault of their own, will be met with concern and discomfort. He's never been a public figure under the name Gladion, but was a semi-public one before running away and changing his name, so he'll have some serious concerns about what all they may know about him. This'll probably end up being #1 way characters make him uncomfortable early on.

-Even if it's not enough to get him to open up about his history right away, he'll be tacitly more comfortable around people he knows are queer, and might volunteer that he is too— albeit stopping short of specifying in what way.

-He cares about his team above any other humans. Judges other trainers based on how they seem to feel about theirs, and likes people a lot more if they feel the same way about theirs.

Exceptional move

Body Press - Hazel's simplest and go-to combat technique is using the combined weight of her own size and the weight of her helmet to crush, pin, or smash anything they think she can overpower that way. On account of that, when trying to emulate how he thinks a Null should fight, it's going to be the first thing he wants to gravitate towards, even if throwing that much weight around as comfortably and consistently as her will take some training. (coughstaminacostscough)

Hidden Power: Soul's Volition

Fails if the user has an ability other than RKS System. Inflicts Ability Suppressed and changes the user to any mundane type for the duration of the jinx. Raises the user's Accuracy and Evasion by 1.

In Gladion's eyes, the RKS System was designed so that people who can't trust their partner can manually override their typing. Mohn's original plan of giving control of typing to the species directly was much better in his eyes. Even if his exact reasons don't apply to "ARK Units" he still desires that kind of free control of his body for himself and resents having to use discs. Focus on control of his body increases reflexes as a side effect.

Causes the RKS System to visibly malfunction (spark/smoke?) as the type-colourized parts of his body change to reflect the new typing.

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Player info


Lyn (forums: Shiny Phantump, Discord: Lyn_8662)



Time zone


Previous RP experience

A number of RPs on TR, with my best showing being Adventure Quest.

RP boundaries

Generally speaking, I expect that most things will cross one of the rules of the RP before my own boundaries, and should I find myself wrong about that, the onus in me to communicate that and I'll let you know.

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