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Basic info

Nip Nip

Age: equivilant to early 20s - Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Hisuian Sneasel - Original species: Sneasel

Participation level: Primary unit - Class: Rogue

Source link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18308246/chapteā€¦

Character profile


Bulletin Board/Odd jobs


Nip comes from the Half Moon Tribe, a Yveltal-worshiping group of pokemon on the northern end of a continent, fairly remote and isolated. He was raised to be a lorekeeper due to being undersized. Feeling like he was being disregarded because of his size, he trained and fought tooth and claw to become a hunter. Though he succeeded, it ultimately turned out worse for him. His tribe practices arranged marriage, and he was paired up with Umbra, a Mawile that hated his guts.

After well over a year of suffering physical and emotional abuse from her, failing to get help despite trying to reach out, he snapped, choosing to run away from the place he'd always called home. But not before destroying several eggs in the tribe's nursery, an action he regrets, but still tries to justify to himself.

After moons on the run from a vengeful Umbra and a run-in with a kangaskhan that left him seriously injured, he ended up in the care of a village. It seemed like he might be able to relax for a bit, but when he realized Umbra had caught up again, he panicked and fled, stealing an egg on his way out. At the time he's being brought in from, he does genuinely regret this.

He was, however, caught. And after a close vote, imprisoned and required to do community service for the village for his actions.

RP guidelines

Please keep in mind that Nip can be abrasive, blunt, and impulsive. This doesn't to reflect how I feel about you or your character.

He is likely to panic and lash out if he feels cornered or threatened.

Pokemon in Nip's universe are fairly feral and animalistic compared to other universes. All pokemon are sapient but many pokemon, including Nip, are obligated carnivores. This may come up in food conversation. If you specifically don't want me bringing this up in RP with you, touch bases with me.

Exceptional move

Ice Punch - A hold over from his true form as a classic Sneasel.

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Player info


Wind (forums: windskull, Discord: Windskull)



Time zone


Previous RP experience

10+ years of forum, discord, and tumblr rp. Mostly freeform, but some experience in campaigns through blacklight and dodra.

RP boundaries

If you want to do something particularly brutal to Nip please run it by me and get my ok first. Otherwise I'm pretty chill.

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