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Basic info

Bellatrix Radiance of the Vernal Star

Age: 89 (physically ~15) - Pronouns: she/her

Species: Hisuian Zoroark - Original species: Hisuian Zorua (formerly human)

Participation level: Primary unit - Class: Scout

Source link: https://forums.thousandroads.net/index.php?thread…

Character profile


Freelancer taking odd jobs from bulletin board/local gentlemon.


After a fall into frigid water that should've ended her life, Bellatrix awoke in a strange world inhabited only by pokémon. She has taken the form of a young, Hisuian zorua with no memories to call her own beyond her first name and a small snippet of a conversation.

One series of misadventures later, Bellatrix found herself in the care of the local guild and, by the naming conventions of the world, was given the name "Radiance of the Vernal Star" (much to her chagrin). Though initially selfish, stubborn, and abrasive, she has started to mellow after spending time and learning more about the pokémon world of Kythra.

As this has happened, the seals on her memory have begun to loosen but much still lies beyond her grasp. She remains determined to find the truth behind her circumstances.

RP guidelines

Though she's mellowed out a bit Bellatrix still has a lot of growing and development to do - her spirit didn't resonate with Hisuian zorua for no reason - so please bear in mind...

• Understands the concept of teamwork and the benefits of it in the long run (especially in such a harsh world) but hasn't fully internalised it. So while able to cooperate and work with a group (if she needs to do something, she'll be damn sure to do it well) Bellatrix still a bit above-it-all and may not be receptive to ideas that deviate too far from her own.

• Bellatrix is a raging perfectionist who is all too eager to project onto others. Sure, she may be able to make a few concessions if things work out in the end after an okay job but she is very upfront about the fact that "good" is not good *enough* to her and will judge others verbally if she notices a performance that doesn't quite reach her standards.

• She may appear a bit paranoid, especially around shadows (literal ones, not the Type), and is reluctant to go to sleep at night. Pushing the right buttons at these times will elicit a negative reaction.

• Despite this, if you're able to break down her walls and gain her respect/friendship, I will make sure that the results will be well worth it in the end.

Exceptional move

Embargo - Though forgotten, Bellatrix carries with her a past that casts a deep shadow. In this new, unfamiliar world this shadow finds itself manifesting in the form of glimmering, crimson chains. In a reflection of her penchant of putting her problems onto others, misfortune follows those struck by these chains - most often in the form of bad luck and clumsiness.

Hidden Power: Obstinate Soul

Hits twice in one action. Raises the user's Spd by 1. The first hit may lower the target's Res. The second hit is Physical and may lower Def.

Persistent ice reflective of her unbending will forms on the edges Bellatrix's sword and in her off-hand to create a dagger. Using both to strike one after the other, the blades of frozen spectral energy are chilling enough to break the target's stance to expose their weaknesses. Bellatrix takes advantage of her own swift movements to build her own speed and momentum.

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Player info


Inke (forums: Inkedust, Discord: inkedust)



Time zone


Previous RP experience

• Several flavoured Mafia games (Thousand Roads)
• Dodran Phantasms (Discord)
• Several flash RPs (Various)

RP boundaries

Nothing that isn't already covered by the HA rules but please ask if you want to do something serious/intimate with my characters.

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