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Basic info

Mhynt Mhynt

Age: ~1000 - Pronouns: she/her

Species: Grovyle - Original species: Treecko

Participation level: Primary unit - Class: Saboteur

Source link: https://forums.thousandroads.net/index.php?thread…

Character profile


The right hand and most powerful enforcer of the tyrant king of the Voidlands. Treecko by choice. She stoically carries out orders, killing targets and cutting down those who stand in the tyrant's path, capable of reducing mortals to dust with a single touch. She has spent many centuries under his leadership and supports him unquestioningly.

Because she spent so many centuries in the Voidlands, where death is but an erosion of the self rather than the end of their life, her views on death are skewed.

RP guidelines

None in particular. She's a bit stoic, may take some time for her to open up.

Special note: Mhynt is a walking spoiler in HoC for many reasons. I MIGHT be vague on what she talks about at first, but as people get closer to her, maybe she'll start revealing midgame / lategame HoC spoilers. And, if so, I'm not going to arbitrarily hold back. At this point, most people on TR have either read HoC, aren't interested, or might become interested via spoilers. So, I see no reason not to just spoiler away if the scene calls for it.

Exceptional move

Teleport - Legal move for Lunala very early which can still be seen in other species, which she holds the power of canonically. Ties directly into her evasive style of fighting, and is the baseline aspect of her ability to store, retrieve, and redirect things with the use of portals. She starts, of course, with herself.

Hidden Power: Soul Enervation

Only works on a target damaged by Mhynt's Leaf Blade that turn and is suffering an ailment from Mhynt. If the damage is reduced by barriers or evasion, the target suffers -1 Speed; if unreduced, -1 Speed and Accuracy, and Mhynt gains +1 Attack; if Critical, these modifiers are 2.

Mhynt plunges her blade deeper into her foe. The better the strike, the more she can steal, sapping their energy to bolster her own. Most of this is invisible, though a keen eye would see the very aura of the victim flowing into Mhynt, almost as if she was trying to claim their very essence for herself. As a master of the spirit, Mhynt had gained access to great and terrible powers back home. A small echo of that power has resurfaced in Forlas...

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Player info


Namo (forums: Namohysip, Discord: Hecto#9774)



Time zone


Previous RP experience


RP boundaries

Not fond of soul destruction or other permanent identity death tropes. Recoverability is paramount.

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