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Basic info

Jade Jade Arens

Age: 15 - Pronouns: she/her

Species: Meowth - Original species: Human

Participation level: Primary unit - Class: Mage

Source link: https://forums.thousandroads.net/index.php?thread…

Character profile


Jade is a Pokémon Trainer hailing from Viridian City who was dragged into a conspiracy involving rival factions of Team Rocket vying for control of the Legendary Pokemon. She spent several months training as part of a secret, anti-Team Rocket rebellion. While she did become much stronger, her time spent there left her with considerable trauma.

Jade has a shy, awkward personality and doesn't do well with conflict. She tries to do her best to support others, but it can be hard when she's surrounded by so many strong, stubborn personalities, both human and Pokémon.

RP guidelines

Not much in particular--a lot of things make her uncomfortable but she's also pretty bad at expressing this, so she usually will just change the subject or something. It'd be pretty hard for her to get *so* uncomfortable that she'd bail on a scene entirely, and I can easily give heads up well before she gets to that point.

Exceptional move

Assist - It's legal for Meowth, and fits the Pokemon trainer vibe of "drawing upon the party's strength."

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Player info


Chibi (forums: Chibi Pika, Discord: Chibi Pika)



Time zone


Previous RP experience

Active in Blacklight for the full duration.

RP boundaries

Ask before doing anything questionable unsolicited, including romantic/flirting gestures.

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